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Scotland is at the forefront of life sciences, across the academic and commercial sectors.

Scotland’s history of innovation includes everything from the discovery of anaesthesia, CAT scans and MRI’s to Dolly the Sheep and the p53 cancer suppressor gene.

Scotland's thriving life sciences sector consists of over 620 organisations and over 31,000 employees across all the main life sciences areas.  This adds £3 billion to the Scottish economy annually.

Within 50 miles of Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow some 80% of the life science industry is located making for easy collaboration between research groups.
The opportunities for graduates to build a successful career in academia, clinical research or life science companies in Scotland are vast.

Producing a disproportionately high number of life science graduates makes it attractive location for drug research and development and provide a wide range of career opportunities for graduates in all disciplines whether you have a science degree or not.

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