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The Public Sector is one of the most diverse sectors in the country. It deliver support and benefits to those that need them; help job-seekers find work or retrain for new careers; support farmers and fisheries, industry and manufacturing; work in supporting our armed forces in Basra or Helmund or wherever we are trying to prevent conflict; and represent the UK in embassies overseas by promoting UK industry, attracting investment in the UK and helping UK citizens in distress abroad.

It oversees the police and judicial systems and manages the immigration service; it is responsible for schools and education, for setting health service priorities, for our railways, roads and air services. 

It regulates some of the biggest industries that affect everyone's lives and it helps build cohesive communities.  It manages our taxation system, support small businesses and promote our economy and jobs.  And at the highest levels, it works to counter climate change, counter terrorism, and manage the impact of the global economy.

A graduate career in this sector offers varied employment, a strong continuous professional development ethos and the knowledge that the work has a significant influence on the quality of people’s lives.

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