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The 'Spirit of Heriot-Watt' Awards


The 'Spirit of Heriot-Watt' Award Winners 2010



Back row left to right: Margaret Stobie, Eva Day, Jacqui Baird, Alan Forster, Margaret Austin

Front row left to right: Leony Mayhew, Sandra Darling, Steve Chapman, Jim McVee, Tony Peyton


The 2010 Spirit of Heriot-Watt Award Winners were announced at the Awards Event held on 8 June 2010. Information about all of the winners can be found on each of the Values pages.


The winners are:


Valuing and Respecting Everyone:

Margaret Stobie – Deputy Facilities Manager, School of Life Sciences

Pursuing Excellence:

Joint winners:

Margaret Austin – Research Grants Officer, Finance

Alan Forster – Lecturer School of Built Environment

Pride and Belonging:

Jacqui Baird – Hospitality Services

Shaping the Future:

The Technicians Team – School of Textiles and Design

Outward Looking:

Eva Day – European Research Manager, TRS


For a list of all Shortlisted Nominees click here

For a list of all finalists and winners click here

Click here for the Heriot-Watt News and Events Newsletter piece


Dave receives his award from the Principal, Prof. Steve Chapman

Dave Love,  a member of the Security Team, received a Spirit of Heriot-Watt Award for Pursuing Excellence in September 2010. The Award recognised Dave's contribution to resolving a choking incident that took place on campus involving one of the children at Pinocchio’s Nursery. Dave was able to provide life-saving first aid and offer support and reassurance to all those directly involved. To see the University News article click here .


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People Theme Team Leader
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Development Framework Project Leader
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Staff Survey Project Leader
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