Estates Services

Image of Leonard Horner Hall

Property Maintenance Services

The Property Maintenance Services section maintain the high quality built Estate for the University, in a professional efficient and cost effective manner to enable the University to fulfil its educational and research objectives. The built Estate consists of circa 100 buildings and approximately 10,000 individual rooms. The earliest buildings constructed at the Heriot-Watt Edinburgh Campus at Riccarton were built from 1968 onwards and the development has been carefully considered so as to protect and enhance the historic landscape, and provide an attractive and effective learning environment.

What we do

The Property Maintenance Services section carry out all the property maintenance tasks on the campus. We manage and control the operation and maintenance of all electrical services, mechanical services and plant, buildings and property within the University's Estate from breakdown maintenance, planned preventative maintenance and to long-term capital maintenance work to the University's built Estate. Property Maintenance Services also provide the technical service links to assist the Capital Projects and Development section in undertaking major upgrades or new builds on the Estate. We also provide an out of normal working hours response to building fabric and engineering services emergencies.

Meet the team: