Knowledge Exchange Scotland Conference

Knowledge Exchange Scotland Conference

Knowledge Exchange Scotland: Policy, Practice, Impact Conference

Impact Poster Competition 2012

Run in association with the KE Scotland Conference, early-stage researchers (PhD students and Postdoctoral Fellows) were encouraged to consider what could be the potential impact of their research on wider society by preparing a poster for display at the conference. The posters were intended to describe how their research could be utilised by different user groups via Knowledge Exchange. The top 20 posters of all the proposals submitted were selected to be displayed at the conference and considered by the judging panel for the Impact Poster Prize. The winning poster was the one which most convincingly explained the potential wider impact of the applicant's research and how that impact could be achieved through the different processed of knowledge exchange.

Impact Posters selected to be displayed at the KE Scotland Conference:


HEALTH category

WEALTH category


CULTURE category

The Impact Poster Competition 2012 overall winner was Mr Julio Traub, Heriot-Watt University: "Sustainability in whiskey and aquaculture industries". He won the top prize of £2000 to help him further develop his research.