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And the places people said they’d never use for information about their thinking skills were:
• Social media or discussion boards • Health food shops
• Helplines
That suggests people rated doctors and other healthcare professionals
as the best place to seek advice, though a few other sources would involve seeking out information and reading about it themselves. It was also interesting that helplines were not seen as a good place to go for advice.
If you have questions about your thinking skills changing with age, then the best advice would certainly be to
seek some support. Your GP is likely
to be a useful point of contact, and we have also listed some resources via the Age UK network at the end of the report that provide a good starting point.
Wherever you choose to get your information, do check that it is from an accurate source, for example from a recognised charity or the NHS. If in doubt, ask someone you trust to help navigate that information.
And don’t forget, your local college or university might also have researchers exploring these topics. We might not have all the answers but we’d try to point you towards the best advice we currently have.
The sources people said they would not use for advice about their thinking skills were...
What keeps you sharp? A national survey about what people in the UK think about their thinking skills

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