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The Ageing Lab would like to thank the members of the Intervention Factory Forum and Advisory Panel for their input and advice during the development of the survey, and their assistance in publicising it.
The Intervention Factory Forum comprises colleagues from
Age Scotland
NHS Lothian
City of Edinburgh Council Scottish Older People’s Assembly Education Scotland
The Advisory Panel is
Professor Kaarin Anstey,
University of New South Wales
Professor Ian Deary,
University of Edinburgh
Professor Mike Martin and Dr Christina Roecke, University of Zurich Professor Kaisu Pitkälä, University of Helsinki;
and colleagues from Age UK.
While we thank our collaborators for their contributions, the content of the survey and this report remain the responsibility of the research team.
We would also like to thank the many individuals and groups who completed the survey and helped share it widely. Thank you for helping us to explore What Keeps You Sharp?

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