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As we age, we may experience changes in our thinking and memory skills. We do not all experience these changes in the same way though: some of us might retain our thinking skills into later life while others might experience declines.
What Keeps You Sharp? was a national survey of people’s beliefs and attitudes about how thinking skills change with age, and the factors that might affect those changes. Over 3000 people from across the UK took part, aged from
40 years old to over 90. This report summarises some of the main  ndings.
We present a selection of the key questions followed by the results from the survey. We have also tried to link
the survey results summarising people’s beliefs and attitudes to what some of the most recent research from other studies tells us.
We hope the  ndings are of interest, and help you to think about your own thinking skills, including what to do to keep them as sharp as possible.
If you’d like more information on anything in the report, you can contact the research team at
or visit our website
And many thanks to all those who helped us explore What Keeps You Sharp?
Dr Alan J. Gow
Associate Professor, Heriot-Watt University.
What keeps you sharp? A national survey about what people in the UK think about their thinking skills

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