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Genes versus lifestyle...
Our lifestyles often affect how healthy we are as we age. Lifestyles can cover a whole range of things, but might include what we eat and
drink, the kind of activities we participate in or how physically active we are, to how much education we completed. Many health outcomes might also be in uenced by our genes.
In the survey, we asked people how much the changes we experience in our thinking skills as we age are due to our lifestyles or genes.
As you can see, most people seemed to think it is likely to be about half-and-half.
Changes we experience in our thinking skills as we age are...
Entirely determined by our genes
Mostly determined by our genes
Probably about half determined by our genes and half determined by our lifestyle
Mostly determined by our lifestyle Entirely determined by our lifestyle
What keeps you sharp? A national survey about what people in the UK think about their thinking skills

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