Ordinances & Regulations

Ordinances and Regulations
Updated: 3rd October 2011

Ordinances & Regulations

The Charter and Statutes, and the Ordinances and Regulations provide the regulatory framework for the University and its staff and students.

The Charter defines the objects, powers, officers and statutory bodies of the University. It defines the University as a teaching, research and examining body and includes such fundamental powers as those of awarding degrees. The Statutes prescribe details concerning the members of the University, officers of the University, the membership and functions of statutory bodies (including Court and Senate), conditions of service which apply to academic staff of the University and other miscellaneous provisions (such as the service of notices and contracts).

The Ordinances contain details on the way in which the University is governed within the general framework of the Charter and Statutes.

The Regulations provide the framework for the academic work of the University, the education of its students, and such other matters as lie within the functions of Senate (such as committees and awards).

These versions of the Ordinances and Regulations of the University replace all others, including the previous Intranet version and paper-based versions. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of its contents, but it is intended that when amendments are made they will be incorporated as quickly as possible into the electronic version.

Ann Marie Dalton
Secretary of the University


SAS-Banner Terminology

The Ordinances and Regulations are currently being updated to reflect the use of the SAS-Banner terminology for curricula, and in the meantime, the following guide should be used:

* "Programme" has been replaced by "Discipline", referring to a subject area
* "Course" has been replaced by "Programme", referring to a named award
* "Module" has been replaced by "Course", referring to an individual unit of study.