Academic Registry

Academic Registry

Examination Board Guidelines and Assessment Procedures (UG and PG)

The following documents (policies, procedures, guidelines) have been reviewed and updated for the operation of Examination Boards and publishing of assessment results during the spring and autumn 2016.

Hard copies of the relevant documents will be distributed to Schools, Deans and Deans' representatives in due course.

Document Number
Document Title
1 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Assessment Procedures
2 Decisions and Decision Codes
3 Guidelines on the Discretionary Award of Credits
4 Heriot-Watt University Assessment and Progression System (HAPS) updated February 2015 (previously CAPS)
5 Guidelines on Complying with SCQF
6 Guide to Medical Certificates under the HAP System
7 Policy on Mitigating Circumstances in Relation to Assessment - updated August 2014 (previously Special Circumstances)
8 Policy on Withholding Awards due to Outstanding Debts: Implementation Procedures
9 Appeals Against Examiners' Recommendations of Award -- (Internal only document)
10 Managing Suspended Examination Boards
11 Briefing Session: Chairs of Examination Boards; Deans' Representatives
12 Guidelines for Deans, Associate Deans and Representatives
Deans' Report Proforma
13 Examination Paper Format Guidelines