International Student Advisors' Office

International Student Advisors' Office

International student advisors

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The International Student Advisors' Office (ISAO) provides advice and support to all international students on campus.

The ISAO online survey is now available, let us know what you think about our web pages and our services in general!

Please note the ISAO does not administer the Exchange Programmes any longer. For information on Exchange Programmes, contact the Institutional Exchange Coordinator Office.

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Arriving in the UK
The easiest way to travel to campus is by Taxi.  There are two options for taxis and cabs at Edinburgh Airport, and separate ranks for each:

Official Edinburgh Airport pre-booked private hire taxis

Edinburgh airport  approved and licensed private hire taxi service is managed by Edinburgh City Private Hire, and is located outside the east (UK Arrivals) end of the Terminal building.  If you need to book a taxi you can do so by phoning 0844 448 8576 or by visiting their desk at the UK arrivals.

Official Edinburgh Airport Black Cabs

City "Black Cabs" can be found outside the east (UK Arrivals) end of the Terminal building beside the coach park.

A taxi from Edinburgh Airport to the Edinburgh Campus is likely to cost between £12 and £15


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