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Welcome to Heriot-Watt University's website dedicated to Sustainability…

The average employee spends almost a quarter of their life at work. It is therefore vital to ensure that our work habits take account of the needs of the environment and do not contribute further to the needless waste of valuable resources.

This "good practice" website has been created as a contribution to the development of a Heriot-Watt University Environmental Strategy and to encourage and empower staff and students to make a direct contribution towards achieving sustainability throughout the University. By working together we can minimise waste, reduce our negative impact on the environment, help save valuable resources and our own money.

This website aims to illustrate a range of ways in which we can all help to make a difference, it is not just about recycling and "going green", it's about working more efficiently and making best use of the resources that currently exist at Heriot-Watt University. You may also pick up some tips that you can use at home!

Sustainability, creating more wasting less


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