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Environmental Policy Statement of Heriot-Watt University

"We shall operate our facilities in a responsible way with concern for the environment and for the communities in which we operate"

In order to achieve this objective, the Court of Heriot-Watt University adopts the following policy:

Heriot-Watt University will

    1. Operate its facilities to meet and, if possible, improve on legal environmental requirements.
    2. Develop knowledge of the environmental impact of its activities, seeking to move towards long-term principles of sustainability.
    3. Include environmental issues within investment and business decisions.
    1. Avoid the use of non-replaceable resources wherever possible.
    2. Use, wherever practicable and consistent with required levels of quality, waste and recycled materials.
    3. Influence, by its purchasing power, suppliers to adopt responsible environmental policies

  3. Work to improve environmental performance continually, particularly by

    - Minimising the use of fossil fuels by good practice in transport both of people and of goods being supplied.
    - Minimising the release of waste materials to the environment.
    - Preventing pollution at University sites.

  4. Work towards the adoption of an Environmental Management System for the University, such as ISO 14001.

  5. Involve and inform staff, students, visitors and other stakeholders to develop their awareness of environmental issues.

  6. Liaise with the local communities, and their representatives where the University operates on environmental matters.

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