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Campaign Background
Campaign Objectives
Campaign Branding
Campaign Posters
Environmental Policy Statement
Recycling Points
Tripshare Scheme

Campaign Posters

A poster campaign is to run during 2002/03 academic year. The posters will be distributed throughout the University and focus on a range of topics. Initially six themes have been identified; four of which will be circulated in term 1. These include:

  • Guiding Lights
  • Turn it off!
  • Hot or Not?
  • Phone Wise - to encourage more efficient use of university phone network.
  • Paper Power - encourage paper recycling and to reduce printing wastage.
  • Stop Vandal - to reduce vandalism on campus.

The titles for the poster campaigns are currently working titles and the text for the posters are being developed and finalised with the appropriate administration sections.

Sustainability, creating more wasting less



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