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Tripshare Edinburgh

TripshareEdinburgh.com logoHeriot-Watt has set up a private group for staff and students with TripshareEdinburgh.com. The Tripshare Scheme is free and allows you to register using your email address to share car or taxi journeys to and from the University. You can also register to cycle or walk with other scheme members.

The benefits of the Scheme are:

  • Free to use you simply share the travel costs
  • Links drivers and passengers together online
  • Part of the largest car sharing scheme in the UK
  • Reduces the pollution and congestion on our roads

Tripshare enables you to search for other staff members and students who are doing similar journeys at similar times. Tripshare can match all types of journeys. The scheme not only allows you to share car journeys if you wish, but also to choose to share taxi journeys, and to choose to cycle and walk together. Tripshare's system can be used to access local journeys here in Edinburgh, as well as throughout Scotland and the remainder of the UK.

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